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In a time of disruption and uncertainty, consumer spending is becoming harder to secure, and harder to keep. Caution and increasing sophistication means retailers must work harder than ever. In the current marketplace, the combination of the right product or service delivered with superior customer experience is the gateway to retail success.

Key insights from the Consumer Report

  • Understand your consumer
  • Store remains the front
  • Mobile first
  • Sustainable CX is essential
  • Engage through technology

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    Interesting facts from the report

    Irish Retail Consumer Report

    Gen-X say In-store Navigation is Important
    Still Shops in Bricks and Mortar
    Irish Consumers Shop Online Weekly
    Will pay more for sustainable products

    Future Of Irish Retail

    irish retail consumer report 2019

    Retailers and brands need to be aware of new technological innovations as they plan the customer experiences of the future. The Irish consumer is open to new smart technology innovations, in particular smart-home devices and voice assistants. Understanding how markets and customer expectations will change with the advent of these emerging digital solutions, and planning business strategies accordingly, will be essential to future success.

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